Static Thrust Calculator

Prop Diameter inches             Pitch  

        Prop Type    # Blades        CF  

                   RPM      Air Density (in Hg)

Thrust = lbs.
        Thrust = ounces.
    Thrust = grams


Wing Loading 

           WIngspan inches             Weight pounds

        Root Chord inches       Tip Chord inches

Wing Area = Sq. Ft.      Sq. In.

Wing Loading = Oz./Sq. Ft..

Thrust to Weight Ratio =

Note: The static thrust calculation is taken from the October '86 AMA magazine, and prop pitch is not used in this calculation. Practical tests revealed very little if any change in thrust due to pitch variation at the same RPM. It is believed that this is partly due to any increase in thrust being negated by blade stalling and a more turbulent influx area with increased pitch. This obviously only applies to static conditions, not flying conditions (in-flight).

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Last updated 11/24/08